Conference Center

The hotel has more than a thousand meals, luxurious and elegant, unique style of private rooms, banquet halls nearly 20, 150 tables can be placed at the same time. Buffet restaurant, Yuquan signature dishes, seasonal specialties bring guests a new taste. The hotel has 30-1000 square meters, a variety of specifications of the hall more than 10, advanced facilities, luxurious decoration, reasonable layout, equipped with professional stage, lighting, audio and wireless Internet access, projection facilities, to meet the various forms of business Demand is the ideal place for press releases, business negotiations, professional training and exhibitions, large-scale banquets, and cultural performances. The hotel has been awarded the title of “Chinese Lu Cuisine Shop”, “Spring Water Banquet Theme Hotel”, “Jinan Citizen's Favorite Gourmet Star Hotel” and “Jinan Citizen's Favorite Wedding Hotel”.

VIP Lounge:Retail price: 10,000 yuan; Area: 60m2; Classroom: 35 people; Oral type: 18 people; Theater: 45 people; Round table: 2 tables。

Quanfu Hall:Retail price: 4,000 yuan/day; Area: 100m2; Classroom: 100 people; Oral word: 35 people; Theater: 120 people; Round table: 10 tables。

Quan Liu Hall:Retail price RMB 4,000/day; Area 100m2; Classroom 100; Mouthpiece 35 people; Theater 120 people; Round table 10 tables。

Quanshun Hall:Retail price 12,000 yuan/day; Area 700m2; Classroom 300 people; Theater-style 500 people; Round table 40 tables,

Spring Music Hall:Retail price: 8,000 yuan/day; Area: 400m2; Classroom: 150 people; Theater: 200 people; Round table: 15 tables。