Table tennis matches

In 1986, Yuquan became famous for hosting the first Jinan City Table Tennis Grand Prix. Since then, Yuquan has taken advantage of the Guoqiu Exhibition to build the first 100m building in Jinan City - Yuquan Simpson Hotel (four stars). Yuquan’s human relations are ping pong, love China, popularize ping-pong, promote Ping-pong’s feats, pass on the ping-pong spirit, transmit positive energy, and help the Chinese dream. This is Yuquan’s social responsibility and the national ball complex. Yuquan will also participate in table tennis through the spread of ping-pong culture and the organization of events to allow friends from all over the world to participate in table tennis and to convey peace and friendship.

In 1995, Yuquan set up a table tennis club. It is located on the sixth floor of the hotel and can hold 40 table tennis tables at the same time. It is currently the largest training and competition venue in the Chinese hotel industry. The club has coaches and professional athletes, has trained more than 4,000 children's table tennis players and enthusiasts, and has provided excellent talents for national, provincial and municipal professional table tennis teams. The club has hosted "CCTV Cup" International Table Tennis Challenge", "The ITTF Men's World Cup Table Tennis Match", provincial and municipal authorities, enterprises and institutions organized table tennis tournaments, and successfully held eight Jinan table tennis level In the league, this year's amateur amateur table tennis competition was created as a "civilian ping-pong feast" and created a number of precedents for the domestic mass sports competition. The club was awarded the honorary title of “China Ping Pong House” by the China Table Tennis Association. It is now the Table Tennis Training Base designated by the national table tennis associations such as France and Australia, as well as by the Shandong University and the Table Tennis Association of the province and city.

2015 'Yuquan Cup' Chinese Table Tennis Club A Match